Technical Solutions


Technical Solutions

Ironhand Security provides innovative solutions to the myriad of complex problems unique to mission critical operations domestically and overseas.


Ironhand Security bridges the gap between mission, technology and security. We provide the assets, strategic advisory, and consulting services to ensure business continuity. Ironhand Security employs decades of success across industry, academia and government to resolve your business and mission challenges.


Ironhand Security provides risk mitigation and planning for all land, air, and sea travel. Our network facilitates flexibility while reducing overhead associated with business and personal travel. We also provide secure channels for our client’s products and information.


Improves security and performance of the Project management Office (PMO) with proven time-tested approaches. We provide analysis, reporting, logistical support and management.


●  Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
●  Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
●  Imagery Intelligence (IMINT)
●  Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Ironhand Security has years of collective experience in the global intelligence space. Our team maintains close relationships with both governmental and non-governmental intelligence organizations, as well as a global network of intelligence assets and sources. Our team has global experience in both permissive and non-permissive environments. Leveraging years of experience, the Ironhand Intelligence Team maintains ALL-SOURCE intelligence collection and analytical capabilities and a global asset network to provide operational support to both governmental and corporate clients.


Professional & Mission Critical

Ironhand Security provides training across the full spectrum of security needs. Our programs are scalable while ensuring the sustainability of quality management through our train-the-trainer model. Ironhand students benefit from our be, know, do approach to learning. We also tailor training programs to specific client needs, including team building, specific-skill workshops, and full curriculum courses.

●  Security
●  First aid and safety
●  Medical and physical trauma
●  Risk assessments
●  Travel security
●  Close protection
●  Firearms
●  Defensive Driving
●  Emergency response
●  Leadership and incident de-escalation
●  Conflict resolution


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Ironhand Security provides mission critical performance through cutting edge, unmanned technology. In addition to developmental and experimental uses, our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have the ability to gather multi-source intelligence, and also provide surveillance and reconnaissance. Ironhand’s aerial services include:

●  Photography
●  Inspection Services
●  Video
●  Scientific Services
●  Surveillance
●  Mapping Services / GIS
●  Security
●  Search & Rescue


●  Due Diligence
●  Investigations
●  Background Checks

Ironhand Security personnel provide comprehensive background checks, private investigation services and quality assurance experts to facilitate and enable full spectrum analysis of personnel and worksite productivity. This includes political risk mitigation, social capital development, political capital development as well as ensuring an active and objective look at the inner workings of social groups within a company.


Easy-to-Use, highly reliable and scalable.

Ironhand Security provides the best in secure and encrypted communications.


Our tactical secure communication phones run on commercial devices and prevent tracking, analysis and detection of encrypted information.

Ironhand Security’s Secure Communication branch is operated by former intelligence officers, SOF teams and cyber warriors from elite government operations.

●  Operates World-Wide
●  No secure server or network needed
●  Secure data encryption:
    -Data at rest and transit
●  Secure SMS & MMS
●  Secure voice and video
●  Communicates between various mobile, tablet and desktop units
●  High-risk situation support:
    -Evacuation management
    -Instructions and advisories
    -Panic Button
    -Secure management
●  VPN service for mobile and devices ●  Executive Level Training ●  CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE


Ironhand Security delivers advanced awareness solutions for a broad range of physical security applications.

Our state-of-the-art in-ground security systems safeguard highly valued assets, critical infrastructure, borders, and perimeters. We provide total perimeter awareness through threat identification in the air, land and water.

Our in-ground security system uses state-of-the-art sensors integrated with advanced intelligent algorithms.