Logistic Support

SOUTH CHINA SEA (Feb. 24, 2008) The Republic of Philippines amphibious ship BRP Bacolod City (LC 550) works closely with the forward-deployed amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD 2) during navy bilateral training as part of Balikatan 2008. During the Balikatan 2008 humanitarian assistance and training activities, military service members from the United States and the government of the Republic of the Philippines are working together to improve maritime security and ensure humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts are efficient and effective. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ty Swartz (Released)

Logistic Support

Our logistics personnel possess years of experience supplying multinational companies with the materials and support they need to effectively operate in remote areas. (break) As military operators and experienced project managers, we fully understand how proper logistics management can have a significant and positive impact on operations.


A comprehensive commercial and operational heavy transport provider, Ironhand Security specializes in all modes of transport: transcon, airfreight, and maritime. We provide scalable solutions; from one truckload to complete project transport. Ensuring end-to-end security, our elite operators can personally protect your valuable assets.


From planning through completion, Ironhand Security provides total site preparation and advisory services. We specialize in austere/remote environment installations.


Whether shipping product or personnel, we secure the channel. Ironhand can provide a turnkey solution including channel and route planning, screening of crew, assessments of cruising locations and ports, and destination surveys.


We utilize the most advanced GPS tracking equipment and software. Ironhand offers numerous GPS packages catered to the needs of our clients. Ironhand Security provides enterprise solutions every step of the way. All devices are equipped with SOS button activation and provide global connectivity.


Ironhand Security is a provider of elite global technology solutions and communication services in remote and austere environments. We have a myriad of communication tools to meet the evolving needs of commercial, defense, and governmental clients, including:

●  Satellite Communications ●  Mobile Satellite Communications ●  Terrestrial Based Communications (including microwave)


Ironhand Security provides trained security personnel and a full range of vehicles and drivers to move personnel to and from mission sites, lodging, and arrival and departure locations.

●  Mobilization of personnel, equipment and supplies
●  Ground transportation to and from mission sites
●  Fleet of vehicles to accommodate large and small deployments


Sustainability and Logistics

Ironhand Security leverages years of experience supporting austere/remote environments. Whether importing or building sustainable solutions, Ironhand Security can provide the essential resources needed; where and when they are needed.

●  Medical, fresh water, food, fuel, and other supplies.
●  Energy systems (solar or Gas) to support sustainable operations


Rotary Wing; Fixed Wing; Complete fleet solutions...Any Mission

Ironhand security provides the full range of aircraft options. From chartered to premium air freight, we focus on seizing cost saving opportunities. Ironhand’s secure Air Freight services feature the latest in monitoring and tracking technology and can accommodate any size cargo and delivery timeline. We customize our shipping programs to make use of the most rapid and secure mode of transportation possible.


Ironhand Security works closely with ground transportation, maritime and charter aircraft companies around the world. We ensure that our client’s products are safely delivered to their destination. From large multi-ton shipments of Coltan from the Congo to China, to a small satchel of diamonds from Ghana to New York, Ironhand is the preferred secure shipping provider.

By utilizing our product verification and secure shipping services, our clients can safely conduct international business transactions without risking travel to volatile regions of the world.


Planning, Implementation, & MNGT

Ironhand Security provides total remote workforce solutions, specializing in operational support, camp management, and infrastructure development. From planning through maintenance, we have the strategy, resources, and accommodations to ensure business continuity. Our temporary and semi-permanent solutions include:

●  Secure Communication
●  Complete kitchen
●  Recreation/TV areas
●  Showers
●  Sanitation and Fresh water systems
●  Power generation (solar and Gas)