Security Solutions


Security Solutions

We understand the delicate balance between risk analysis, threat vulnerability and physical security. Ironhand offers the full range of protective services, from prominent, hardened security measures to those that are virtually undetectable. Ironhand Security has the answer to every client security need.


Ironhand Security provides traditional close protection specialists with the added concierge services of journey management and privacy protection. In addition, Ironhand has access to a vast array of supporting resources. We provide comprehensive, on demand and long-term personal protection.

SECURITY MANAGEMENT, Implementation & Training

When assets are in play, governance becomes essential. Ironhand Security will plan, implement, train, and advise the development and implementation of proper enterprise security risk management systems. This includes physical and cyber security, safety, and medical training to prepare personnel for any environment.


Ironhand Security provides fixed site security services for personal and commercial properties world-wide. This includes off-shore industrial sites and maritime vessels.


Ironhand Security specialists have the experience and technical expertise to provide comprehensive security programs and risk mitigation strategies for all types of critical infrastructure. From ports to public transportation, utilities, industrial sites, and anything in-between, Ironhand provides the full range of security services. We recognize the unique challenges in protecting critical infrastructure as well as the need for affordable enterprise-wide solutions. Our approach factors in budget restrictions, growth opportunities, and the need for agile security solutions. We bring tailored strategies featuring advanced technology to extend reach and depth of coverage. Ironhand Security ensures all solutions are scalable to meet any/all client requirements.


Ironhand Security performs comprehensive risk assessments that generate actionable intelligence. We provide a secure foundation for our clients, then mitigate risk through implementation of highly agile and adaptable security solutions. Ironhand Security can play a pivotal role in training your team to be proficient in preventative security and investigative best practices. We provide a full range of services:

●  Surveillance Specialists
●  Domestic Investigations
●  Location of Missing Persons,
Heirs, & Witnesses
●  Child Support Evaders
●  Undercover Investigations
●  Civil & Criminal Investigations
●  Insurance Fraud
●  Background Investigations
●  Asset & Corporate Investigations
●  Process Serving
●  Debugging
●  Anti-Fraud
●  Business Intelligence Services


Ironhand Security’s expert accounting network can expose the money trail of fraud while instituting preventative steps. Ironhand Security’s forensic accounting team can track every financial transaction to help you “follow the money.”


Ironhand Security can provide covert and overt advance services. Our advance team proactively analyzes venues and routes to ensure safety and security of your team.

Advance Security can combine both the advance security team and covert surveillance detection teams. In potentially hostile areas of operation, the Advance Team may also serve as a Surveillance Detection team to streamline real-time intelligence, thereby mitigating any potential risk to the client.


Ironhand Security agents are highly skilled and experienced professionals that deliver superior, reliable and timely risk mitigation. Our dedicated professionals are at the cross-section of security, business, estate and personal management. Demonstrating unmatched business and interpersonal acumen, our security agents’ areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to:

●  Real-Time & Advance Threat Assessment
●  Estate/Residence Management
●  Personal Protection (PSD)
●  Investigations
●  Intelligence
●  Executive & Personal Assistance
●  Journey Management ●  Real-time Reputation and Relationship Management, and Council
●  Preventative Services


Our on-site risk vulnerability assessments are conducted by multi-disciplined teams. Ironhand Security experts have the ability to conduct assessments of corporate and other commercial facilities to identify weakness and recommend cost effective and appropriate security counter-measures.


Ironhand Security provides crisis management planning and emergency response. From natural disasters to kidnapping and ransom, Ironhand Security can respond whenever and wherever needed.

●  Emergency response
●  Kidnap and ransom response
●  Response Protection
●  Natural disaster response
●  Maintain business continuity
●  Security threat assessments
●  Travel protection security
●  Internal and external workforce disruption


Our retainer program provides peace of mind and cost savings through proactive resource allocations. Evacuation assets are in place, protocols are established, and all members are accounted for in real-time through tech integration and Tech assist.