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About Ironhand Security

“Few leaders possess the wisdom, depth of experience, and knowledge of global and domestic economic and military affairs as General Jones. ” – Thomas J. Donohue, U.S. Chamber President and CEO

Ironhand Security, led by General Jones, deploys a service first methodology to tackle issues and find solutions to today’s complex issues. Coming from the highest echelons of government and the military, Ironhand benefits from a unique and unrivaled experience with numerous foreign governments, advanced international relationships, and an understanding of the national security process to develop strategic plans to help U.S. partners and allies succeed in challenging environments. In the areas of national security, cyber security, and military/law enforcement transformation, General Jones has a distinguished and well established record of service and global expertise. Crafted in his vision, the Ironhand team employs the same principles in our efforts to advise and assist our US partners and allies. in their pursuit of their national security objectives.